Allergy- (Greek: foreign reaction) an excessive immune response of the immune system to specific and usually harmless environmental substances (allergens), which often associated with inflammatory processes symptoms.

Nickel is one of the most common causes of allergies. Typical signs of nickel allergy are inflammatory reactions of the skin in the contact area. The increase in nickel allergies in children and adolescents is mainly due to the increased use of costume jewelry, earrings or piercings. If, after insertion of an orthodontic appliance to an allergic reaction, it usually observed only extra-oral lesions: inflamed, cracked lips, eczema on the face and extremities. In the mouth, allergic reactions are rarely detectable; occasionally shows redness or swelling of the mucous membrane. Evidence of a nickel allergy patch test is carried out with the (patch test) by a dermatologist.

With proven nickel allergy we can plan an orthodontic treatment with alternative materials: eg Ceramic or titanium brackets and special treatment arcs (eg Biostarter-arms-Cosmetic).

About two million people in Germany suffer from a latex allergy, which can cause itchy hands or skin rash. Latex is obtained from the rubber tree. Its juice contains more than 240 different proteins, which can trigger an allergic reaction in humans. People who suffer from latex allergies should avoid direct skin contact with latex-containing materials in order to prevent allergic reactions like skin rash.

As part of our quality management system we use in our practice exclusively non-latex gloves.

Important note: If your child has an allergy, please notify us on our medical history form. Thank you!

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