Sports accidents are often the cause of severe injuries of teeth and jaws.

An individual sports mouthguard can prevent possible injuries effectively. Scientific studies show that 13% to 39% of all occurring tooth and jaw injuries occur during sports. In about 80% of the dental injury cases, the upper incisors are mostly affected. It often occurs with the loss of one or more teeth, resulting is in lifelong dental care.

mouthguardsThe mouth guard is an effective, yet simple prevention measure and comparative statistics show that the risk can be reduced by a factor of 60%.  In addition, the likelihood of injury to the surrounding soft tissues (lips, tongue) and the jaw joints is greatly reduced. Another important function of the mouthguard is in the interception of the forces which are transferred to the lower jaw, and from there to the skull. Therefore, the risk of a concussion is reduced considerably. The German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK) recommends wearing a mouthguard in the following sports: inline skating, hockey, skate boarding, basketball, boxing and other martial arts, hockey, baseball, football, gymnastics, handball, cycling (especially mountain biking), horse riding, rugby, American football and water polo.


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