Spring activator

The spring activator according to Prof. FGSander is a treatment device that is used for vertical growth pattern and Myoarthropathiepatienten. In children and adolescents the vertical growth pattern is mitigated by this treatment device. In patients with post-traumatic temporomandibular joint syndrome or a prolapse of the disc, both the functional chewing Empire (measured with the Sirognathographen) and the mouth influenced.
The Sander-I apparatus consists of a maxilla and mandible of a plastic base. The plastic bases are designed with side Aufbissen to an extrusion of the molars and premolars and mandibular entgegenzuwirken.Oberkieferbasis are separate, and only by the interocclusal space are interconnected springs.

In order not to impair the operation of the equipment, should any individual tooth movements are carried out with this treatment device. Only a transverse expansion of the maxilla can be performed in exceptional cases with a jackscrew, which is installed in the upper jaw instead of the segment Transpalatinalbügels.

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