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In orthodontic center Emmanouil Inglezos , not only the result that counts . We continually strive to apply the latest techniques for better smiles!

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Our vision is to give each of our patient , childe or adult, the smile that suits him .A beautiful smile can change our mood and make us feel beautiful . Aiming to continuing education , our orthodontist center always apply the most modern orthodontic treatment , to give you faster the smile of success.
Orthodontic vs dentistry is a big difference as a science . The orthodontist has finished dental science and later specialized in orthodontics . The orthodontist is the one who will take care of if your teeth are straight, aligned and with proper convergence. This will harmonize the correct convergence of the two jaws . The dentist will take care to keep teeth healthy and strong forever.
Orthodontic braces are now a simple and comfortable healing process with short and impressive results.Many parents believe that orthodontic treatment should begin in adolescence . But most cases of orthodontic treatment should be started at quite an early age. This is because the orthodontic treatment should begin when the child grows to have the best possible results ..
There are many adults who are unhappy for years with the image of their teeth . Large gaps between teeth or crooked teeth are key causes that lead many people in an effort to fill their teeth during speech or avoid a spontaneous laughter. There is surprising that many of these people describe that after a performed orthodontic treatment , improved their mood.


  • I'm a dance teacher and my students put a smile on my face every day!

    Heather H.
  • My family, orthodontist, and horses make me smile.

    Makayla W.

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